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Tilt Selects i.Shack SCS Collier De Serrage Trottinette

This is a high performance quad scooter clamp. A shim is included to make it fit 35mm oversized bars and 32mm regular bars. This clamp has a built-in SCS compression. It is made from aluminium, a light material.

Diamètre interne du collier: 32mm (Regular), 35mm (Oversized)
Taille du collier de serrage: Quad
Shim: Included
Poids: 249g
Système de compression inclus: SCS
Matériau: Aluminium
Etoile: Non inclus
Vis: Included
Longueur de la vis de compression: 30mm


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Informations complémentaires


Diamètre interne du collier

35mm (Oversized)

Système de compression

Taille du collier de serrage

Quad (4 vis)