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Tilt Formula Selects Deck Trottinette Freestyle Delaney

This is a high performance pro scooter deck made from light yet durable Aluminum 6061-T6. Its box-cut shape allows grinding without the need to mount pegs. This scooter deck is compatible with 110mm, 115mm and 120mm wheels. All the necessary hardware to mount wider 30mm wheel is included in the package.

It has a classic and versatile length of 50.8cm (20″).

This deck is lightweight, weighing only 1470g. The ample width of 5″ is recommended for the street.

  • The deck spacers are included
  • The headtube has a very popular 83° angle
  • This deck comes without a brake, but a fenderis included
Largeur du deck: 15.2cm (6″)
Longueur du deck: 55.9cm (22″)
Diamètre des roues: 110mm, 115mm, 120mm
Largeur noyau de roue: 24, 30mm
Poids: 1745g
Matériau: Aluminium 6061
Niveau de traitement du matériel: T6
Design du deck: Une pièce
Shape Dropout: Box-cut
Concave: Plat
Angle du headtube: 83°
Jeu de direction: Intégré 1 1/8″
Entretoises du deck: Inclus
Type de frein: Fender (frein sans patin)
Frein/Fender: Inclus
Axe: Inclus
Diamètre de l’essieu: 8mm
Griptape: Pas inclus


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